Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Island Where Donkeys Wear Pyjamas

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The Island of Rhea, or Île-de-Ré in French, off the west coast of France near La Rochelle, is a popular summer destination known for its gently sloping, sandy beaches, cool waters and constant light breeze. The island's other famous attraction are its donkeys. Originating from the Poitou region of France, they are one of the largest donkey breeds, and because of their size they were employed as working mules in the island's salt industry.

In order to protect the animals' legs from bug bites, the owners would have them wear specially made trousers each day before they went to work. Donkeys are no longer used for work in the salt marshes, but the tradition of wearing trousers continues to this day, mostly to draw tourists.

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