Monday, 26 September 2016

Ingredients In Toothpaste

Ancient toothpaste used stuff like rocks and bones - and modern toothpaste isn't all that different. Watch as chemist George Zaidan tries to create his own homemade toothpaste.

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Saudi Arabia's Abandoned Hejaz Railway

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The Hejaz railway that ran from Damascus to Medina in Saudi Arabia. It was one of the principal railroads of the Ottoman Turkish Empire and a vital route across the desert. The railway was built in 1900 at the behest of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

The railway reached only as far as Medina when the First World War broke out and all construction works came to a grinding halt. Today, large sections of the railway lie abandoned in the desert with tracks swallowed up by the sand, and carriages and engines toppled over and overgrown with shrubs.

9 Amazing Statues You Can Only See Underwater

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The vast oceans contain many natural wonders, but they are also home to some astounding additions made by humans. Across the world statues have been sunk into the oceans for a variety of reasons - as memorials, to offer protection to a fragile marine environment, or simply as art.

Colored with algae and populated by coral, some of the statues have become tourist destinations in their own right.

Where Are We In The Universe?

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The Universe is all of time and space and its contents. It includes planets, moons, minor planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, and all matter and energy. The observable universe is about 28 billion parsecs (91 billion light-years) in diameter.

Have you ever considered our cosmic address? Where exactly in the universe are we?

A Guide To The 58 Different Terms for 'Water'

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What exactly is a sound? What's the difference between a bight and a bay? A sike and a ghyll? Why are there nearly 20 different words for a small stream?

If you grew up on the coast you may be pretty familiar with shoals and inlets, but perhaps things get fuzzy when trying to pin down the definition of the fjords found in Norway or a Scottish loch. Here is a rundown of the many different types of bodies of water.

Tortilla Chip Is So Hellishly Spicy, You Get Only One Per Pack

Don't fear the Carolina Reaper. But you should absolutely approach its scorching scythe of flavor with extreme caution. The wacky tortilla gourmets at Paqui will start selling Carolina Reaper Madness chips online and at select stores nationwide.

Said item comes in a small, red, coffin-shaped box with the robed figure of death depicted on the front and, on the reverse. You get one standard-size chip per package. That's because this particular snack is spiced with fearsome Carolina Reaper peppers, widely touted as the hottest variety on Earth.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Street Scenes Of Manchester In 1901

These scenes of Market Street, still Manchester's busiest shopping area, encapsulate the bustling energy of the city centre in the Edwardian era.

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Beer Taster Wanted

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How The Mona Lisa Became So Overrated

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Why did the Mona Lisa become the most famous painting in the world while other pieces fail to excite the world's coffee mug makers? Her fame can seem as enigmatic as her legendary smile. But there is a logical case for just how Mona became... Mona. And the story involves one surprisingly influential critic and a theft.

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A Cartoon-Box Compilation

Kind of macabre video of accidents that can happen.

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Why Coffee Is Sometimes Called Mocha

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The word coffee itself comes from the Dutch koffie, which has its origin in a Turkish version of an Arabic word. Everybody's favorite stimulant has many nicknames, and every one of these words has a story to tell. Consider 'mocha,' which is named after a port on the Red Sea coast of Yemen.

The wild source of the beverage is thought to be the Ethiopia highlands. A quick glance at a map shows that Yemen is fewer than two dozen miles from Africa across the Bab al-Mandab Strait. The interior highlands of Yemen turned out to be quite suitable for growing the coffee plant.

Visit The Top 10 Happiest Countries In The World

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Looking for a travel destination with great views and friendly people? Try following a cue from the 2016 World Happiness Report. Every year the United Nations measures the quality of life for citizens around the world through surveys and data analysis.

What makes these countries the happiest in the world? All possess a winning formula of good governance, strong sense of community, respect for fellow citizens, and general high quality of life. Here are the top 10 places to travel happy.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

16 Years

Today, The Presurfer is 16 years old. I never believed the site could last that long. Or that I could last that long. Some of you have been visiting for many years. Thank you for your loyalty.

The Presurfer was born on the same day as Everlasting Blort, one of my favourite blogs. Please pay them a visit.

The Professionals Of Japan

Nissan highlighted some Japanese craftspeople being incredibly good at their jobs in a commercial for their Nissan Caravan.

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Way To Go, Bob

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The Benefits Of Going Bald

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For as long as men have had access to mirrors, they've been fretting about their scalps getting lonely. According to a 2009 survey by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, almost 60% of men would rather have a full head of hair than money or friends.

There's mounting evidence that bare heads aren’t a spectacular evolutionary accident after all. Bald men are seen as more intelligent, dominant and of high status; their shiny scalps may help them to seduce women or even save lives.

World's Largest Ship Elevator Opens In China

The world's largest ship elevator at the Three Gorges Dam opened in Yichang City, central China's Hubei Province, with a prospect to increase the shipping capacity past the dam by six million tons a year.

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North Korea Accidently Leaks How Tiny Its Internet Is

A GitHub file dump revealed all the registered domains listed to the '.kp' country code top-level domain for North Korea. Essentially, it revealed that the hermit kingdom only has 28 websites.

Although many of the websites are inaccessible, they give a rare insight through the keyhole of North Korea's all-encompassing leadership and its very, very dull Internet.

How The Emoticon Was Invented

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What would the Internet be without :), :P, and the ever-popular ¯\_(ツ)_/¯? If you've ever used a few keystrokes to express your mood, you have Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Research Professor Scott E. Fahlman to thank.