Monday, 26 January 2015

How To Pronounce British Place Names

Siobhan Thompson teaches American Rusty Ward how to pronounce difficult British place names.

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The Ultimate Collection of Cute Japanese Roadblocks

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The land of the rising sun is being invaded by special and super cute roadblocks, taking over the boring and plainly functional roadblocks. It's always a drag when you find out that one of the roads that you always take to get home or leave to work is going to be having construction.

So why not throw some cute on those construction sites, toning down our road-rage a few levels and adding to our patience, because you can't stop smiling.

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The Serenity Machine

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The CIA's Declassified UFO Files Are Now Available Online

Project Blue Book was a systematic study of unidentified flying objects conducted by the United States Air Force. It started in 1952. A termination order was given for the study in December 1969, and all activity under its auspices ceased in January 1970.

Project Blue Book is now fully declassified and available to read online. Read all of its 140,000 pages on UFO enthusiast John Greenewald's website The Black Vault.

18 Of The Biggest Creatures That Lurk Beneath The Ocean's Surface

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Earth's oceans contain 99% of the living space on the planet, yet less than 10% of that space has been explored by humans. If these are the colossal sea creatures we know about, imagine what is yet to be discovered.

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Top 12 Tallest Towers In The World

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This shouldn’t affect those with a fear of heights, but just in case, proceed with caution. The only way to imagine what it's like to be this high up is to remember the last time you were in an airplane, because these buildings rise thousands of feet and often have their heads in the clouds. Here are the 12 tallest towers in the world.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Made In Copenhagen

Made in Copenhagen is a short hyperlapse and timelapse film showing the beauty of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Beautiful Images Of Seashores Lit By The Glow Of Bioluminescence

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In his 1870 masterpiece, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, French novelist Jules Verne wrote, 'About seven o'clock in the evening, the Nautilus, half-immersed, was sailing in a sea of milk... The whole sky, though lit by the sidereal rays, seemed black by contrast with the whiteness of the waters.'

However, rather than describing something supernatural, Verne was referring to marine bioluminescence - or the glowing, chemically induced underwater light produced by living organisms.

Why The World Seems Quieter When It Snows

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When a fresh batch of snow falls to the ground, the world tends to quiet down. That could partially be attributed to human factors: it's likely winter, people aren't out as much and traffic comes to a halt. However, there are more scientific reasons for the quietude.

When a fresh blanket of snow settles down, it's doing a lot more than turning the world into a winter wonderland.

The Interfaces Of 'Star Wars: A New Hope'

A supercut of all the moments in 'Star Wars: A New Hope' where characters interacted with machines, doors, screens, levers, knobs and buttons.

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Vintage Movie Theatre Etiquette Posters From 1912

image credit Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has a fascinating series of vintage movie theatre 'etiquette' posters from 1912. At the time, films were silent as movies with sound didn't become prevalent until the late 1920s. Sadly, a September 2013 report by the United States Library of Congress announced that a total of 70% of American silent films are believed to be completely lost.

Enjoy these vintage movie theatre etiquette posters from 1912.

Hobbit Spa: Charming Green-Roofed Complex In Austria

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Looking like a modern art version of Hobbiton, the Rogner Bad Blumau Spa in Austria's Styria thermal region boasts colorful painted facades, bejeweled spires, curving lines and green roofs all over. The luxury hotel centers upon an indoor ring-shaped spa that takes advantage of the hot springs in the area and features many reclaimed and sustainable materials.

Bricks from old farmhouses were incorporated into the facades, and the wooden posts supporting the overhangs appear to be strung with massive beads.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

iPhone 6 In Space

On November 28th, 2014 Urban Armor Gear sent a brand new iPhone 6 on the ultimate adventure to the stratosphere. On its journey, the iPhone reached a height of over 101,000 feet (30,7 kilometers) and encountered temperatures as cold as -79°F (-61,6°C).

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Irreversible Damage Done To Tutankhamun's Burial Mask

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The priceless funeral mask of Tutankhamun has been damaged at the Cairo museum, causing curators to glue it back together with white-ish, splodgy glue. The mask, which was discovered in 1922 by British archeologists Howard Carter and George Herbert, is considered one of the finest treasures of ancient Egypt.

But in summer last year it was damaged and needed repairing. Some staff at the museum said it was broken by cleaners, while others maintained that the beard on the mask was intentionally removed, because it had become loose.

Laika And Her Comrades: The Soviet Space Dogs Who Took Giant Leaps For Mankind

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The dog Laika, the first living being to orbit the Earth, lives on in our memories. Her lethal Sputnik 2 mission more than 57 years ago, has stuck in our collective consciousness. Laika is not the only canine cosmonaut that died at the hands of the Soviet space program; more than a dozen other dogs lost their lives before her. But some Soviet space dogs survived and went on to live relatively normal lives.

Damon Murray, co-founder of FUEL Design and Publishing in London, came up with the idea to put a book together about the true story of these early space explorers. Collectors Weekly had an email interview with him.

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Adorable Loch Ness Ladle

The next time you're cooking up a hot pot of soup, why not reach for this adorable ladle? The Nessie Ladle has the body shape of the mysterious Loch Ness monster but this guy's got stubby little legs so that it can stand on its own.

Designed by Ototo for the modern store Animi Causa, the turquoise blue ladle, unfortunately, isn't ready to ship out until February. The cleverly designed product costs $15.99.

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Rare And Terrifying Frilled Shark Cought In Australian Waters

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The hideous, terrifying and rarely sighted frilled shark has turned up in waters off south-eastern Australia. The species, whose ancestry dates back 80 million years, is known as the 'living fossil'. It was caught on a fishing trawler in waters near Lakes Entrance in the Victoria's Gippsland region.

Llocal fishermen were left scratching their heads at the sight of the two-metre-long creature, whose head and body resemble an eel, but whose tail is more reminiscent of a shark.

13 Coolest Hotels Converted From Bizarrely Different Structures

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Traditional hotels may make for reassuringly comfortable homes away from home, but they can be bland and even boringly similar to one another - wherever in the world they might be.

Fortunately, for the more adventurous vacationer, there are plenty of accommodation options that offer something slightly different while still retaining all the modern amenities of more conventional hotels.