Monday, 21 February 2011

Infinity Chilli Is Now Officially The World's Hottest

Measuring a mouth-burning 1.17 million on the Scoville Scale (a measurement of the spicy heat of a chili pepper), this is the the hottest chilli in the world, and it was grown by accident in Lincolnshire, England.

Dubbed the 'Infinity Chilli' the fiery food has been tested by boffins who say it's considerably hotter than previous title holder, the Bhut Jolokia, from India.

It was grown by Nick Woods who runs 'Fire Foods' from his home and says one day he notices the crossbreed chilli in his greenhouse. Intrigued, he decided to sample it, but he soon regretted the move when a powerful burning sensation hit the back of his throat and was so strong he couldn't talk.

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mister anchovy said...

I love really hot food, but at a certain point, it's hot enough. Us humans seem to have a strange fascination with food so hot that we can't eat it without injuring ourselves.