Thursday, 8 July 2010

What I Do

I saw this on J-Walk Blog. It's an inventory of the tools and systems I use to get my work done. It may not be of much interest because I don't use some of the tools mentioned. But I'm going to tell you anyway.

* Hardware: My main system is an ASUSTek computer running Windows XP and a Neovo wide screen monitor.
* External storage: None.
* Phone: Apple iPhone 4 and a land line.
* E-mail: I use the Windows XP email client And Google's Gmail.
* Mobile device: None.
* Mobile media: None.
* eBook Reader: None.
* Browser: Most of the time Firefox 3.6.6. and sometimes Google Chrome.
* Calendar: None.
* RSS: I have Feedburner but I almost never use it.
* FTP: None.
* Text editor: Notepad.
* Graphics: Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, Irfanview, and PhotoPlus SE Pro.
* Screen capture: Faststone Capture.
* Accounting: None.
* Office suite: OpenOffice.
* Music player: XSPF Web Music Player and a Nordic MP3 player.
* Blog: Blogger.
* Car audio: Kenwood BT945U with built-in Bluetooth in my Mercedes C200.
* Other tech stuff: I have a Canon Powershot A560 photo camera and a very old Sony Handycam video camera.

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Abraham said...

Quite interesting. I'm impressed by how much you don't use.