Saturday, 20 February 2010

10 Photos That Look Exactly Like Paintings

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In actual fact, they are all photos from some amazing photographers and I recommend you check out the rest of their work by clicking the links.

(thanks Danny)

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ezra said...

i looooooove ur blog! i read it everyday.. i recently just started my photoblog.. because i'm an aspiring photographer..hehe..

hope you can feature me in one of your posts! but only if u think any of my photos are worthy.. :) my goal this year is to sell ONE photo.. i was hoping i could make that happen.. and u could help me! :)

it's okay if u decide not to feature me, i will still read ur blog! i learn a lot of things from ur site.. i think ive been reading it for 2 yrs..and this is the first time i left a comment.. :) ive always wanted to thank u for all these informative things u are posting! so there..thank u! :)