Friday, 2 September 2016

An Un-Conventional Thirst: Collecting 7Up's Most Beautiful, Hallucinatory Billboards

image credit YouTube

In the late '60s, hippies saved 7Up. On the verge of bankruptcy, the company decided to go after the young people in the antiwar counterculture, who'd be making their way to Woodstock in August 1969. They hired psychedelic artists to make billboards exploding with color and flower-power motifs.

Between 1969 and 1975 7Up also sold these paper UnCola billboards, 21-by-10-feet and printed in 12 panels, to college students, who could use them as wallpaper. Now, one of those college students, Bob Treat, is trying to collect all of the campaign's 53 billboards. He has 25 so far.

(thanks Lisa)

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