Sunday, 5 June 2016

How A Wine And Cocaine Cocktail Became Coca Cola

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Most of us have heard the story about this world-famous soft drink, Coco-Cola. Containing a significant dose of cocaine until it was removed from the recipe in 1903.

But lesser known is the story about how Coca Cola originates from an alcoholic drink based on cocaine and wine, Bordeaux wine to be specific– a particular combination which made for a distinctly more toxic beverage, known as Coca Wine.

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Unknown said...

Dr. Pemberton is buried in the town I live in, Columbus, Ga. He was a Cavalry officer for the Confederacy of Southern States during the Civil War. Pemberton was wounded with a saber slash across his chest and like many other soldiers, North and South the only pain medicine at hand, if they were lucky to have it was morphine. Many soldiers were addicted to the pain medicine and Pemberton looked for alternatives, those led to the creation of his now world famous Coca-Cola. Dr. Pemberton's pharmacy is still here in Columbus.