Sunday, 6 December 2015

Death And The Afterlife By Cliff Pickover

Cliff Pickover's new book is Death and the Afterlife: A Chronological Journey from Cremation to Quantum Resurrection. Throughout history, the nature and mystery of death has captivated artists, scientists, philosophers, physicians, and theologians.

Death and the Sfterlife by Cliff Pickover is an eerie chronology that ventures right to the borderlines of science and sheds light into the darkness as it covers death in philosophy, pop culture, science, sociology, art, religion, and more.

Topics as wide ranging as the Maya death gods, golems, and séances sit side by side with entries on zombies and quantum immortality. This book is a fascinating exploration of how humanity looks at death and serves as a guide to the curious, mystical and important practical ideas related to death and the afterlife.

Cliff Pickover's home page and his weblog Reality Carnival.

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