Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Crystal Mill

image credit: Max and Dee Bernt

The Crystal Mill is located above the Crystal River in Crystal, Colorado. It's a wooden powerhouse built in 1892. It is said that the mill harnessed the river adjacent to the mill to power the air compressor housed inside.

The Crystal Mill is reachable only in the summer and fall months; it is accessed by a road that requires a four-wheel-drive vehicle, a sturdy pair of boots, a mountain bike or a horse.

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Classof65 said...

Crystal is located just up the mountain from Marble, CO, where the stone for many important landmarks in Washington, D.C., is quarried. And, yes, the road to Crystal is narrow and hazardous. If you look over the edge of the road you can see that many vehicles did not survive the journey and are lying hundreds of feet down from the road in the deep gulley of a river.

One thing that no one mentions is that while you are gazing across the river at the Mill, hundred and thousands of gnats and flies are swarming around you, landing on you, and biting you! To avoid these pests you must keep moving constantly and wave your arms around, running your hands over your arms and face and clothing to keep the bugs off you. You didn't think to bring insect repellant because no one warned you about this. In fact, you can tell if someone has actually visited the site if they mention the bugs -- others simply purchased the photos from a souvenir shop and are lying about making the trek to the actual site....

Richard Majece said...

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