Sunday, 26 January 2014

10 Crazy Weapons That Are Still Legal In The US

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Throughout history, humans have invented a variety of deadly weapons. In the West, certain arms were developed from agricultural tools, while in the East various weapons can be traced back to different forms of martial arts.

Today, as debate continues about gun control in the United States, it seems incredible to think that ownership of a number of deadly weapons - some ancient, some more modern - remains permitted under federal law. Here are ten crazy weapons that are still legal in the U.S.

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John Farrier said...

It should not be incredible. We Americans are a civilized people, and thus habitually keep and bear arms.

That said, there is much misunderstanding about the ownership of automatic weapons. Yes, technically, these are legal. But due to oppressive gun laws, it is, as a practical matter, very difficult to purchase and own one.

Anonymous said...

Hm in Germany you may have 5 of them without any problems, too...

However using e.g. a muzzle loader cannon may difficult due to restrictions with respect to maximum blackpowder ownage..

Katanas may be bought but not carried around..

Brossbows and one-handed flails are completely legal...

However Sword umbrellas, Nunchakus, Balisongs and presumably the snap cap are completely banned)

Flamethrowers, Miniguns and Grenade launchers are falling under the "kriegswaffenkontrollgesetz" and are completely unavailable...

There are a lot of killjoy laws when it comes to weapons in germany..