Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Manchester Museum Puzzled By Ancient Egyptian Statue Which Mysteriously Turns Itself

image credit YouTube

Bosses at Manchester Museum have been left puzzled by the mystery of an ancient Egyptian statuette which seems to turn itself around 180 degrees in its display case. The 10-inch tall statue of Neb-Sanu, which dates back to 1800 BC, was found in a mummy's tomb and has been at the Museum for eighty years.

And now a time-lapse video (you can view the video at the link) clearly shows it turning on its axis during the day, apparently of its own volition. During the night, however, it remains still.

(thanks Geoff)

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Anonymous said...

There's no mystery or curse about that story. I have a small asian doll in a china cabinet that does the exact same thing. no matter how I face it, it will spin itself to the east after a day or so. It's just moving because of harmonic vibrations.

Anonymous said...

exactly. glass shelves are rigid and transmit vibrations with no damping, however minor the vibrations are. the ballast from a humming fluorescent light fixture (the display is lighted) would be enough to cause this. and would explain why it does not occur at night.