Thursday, 31 January 2013

Toe Wrestling: The Bizarre Sport Sweeping The World Off Its Feet

image credit: Sarah G... cc

Although you might not believe it, toe wrestling is a real sport complete with its own world championship. This quirky sport has its origins in the UK. It all started at the Royal Oak Inn, a pub in Wetton in the Peak District National Park. In 1976, a group of walkers at the Royal Oak decided it was time to invent a sport that Brits might actually be good at, and toe wrestling was born.

Unfortunately, however, a Canadian tourist smashed those Brits' hopes when he won the first Toe Wrestling World Championship, and the sport was put on ice. But, nearly two decades later, toe wrestling was brought back to life by George Burgess, a new landlord of the Royal Oak. Since then, the toe wrestling has gained surprising popularity amongst bizarre sports enthusiasts.

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