Thursday, 10 January 2013

How KKK Rally Image Found New Life 20 Years After It Was Published

A powerful image of race relations in the southern United States was nearly lost. In fact, it almost wasn't published at all. And in the 20 years since, this emotionally complex photograph of a Klan-robed toddler playfully touching the riot shield of an African-American state trooper has gone uncelebrated and largely unknown.

Now the photo has been granted a second life through social media, where each viewer seems to read something different into the image. Is it disturbing? Hopeful? Humorous? Touching? Heartbreaking? Many who have shared the photo online admit they know little about its origins, which is understandable. Aside from a few basic details, the full story behind this photo has never appeared online until today.

(thanks David)

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Anonymous said...

A picture is definitely worth 1000 words.