Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Flag Secrets: 5 International Flags With Surprising Stories

image credit: erjkpruncýk cc

When designing their flags, countries need to decide on a color scheme and style that accurately reflect their nation's history, people, and prosperity. But if you look a little deeper into the stories of some of these flags, you'll discover hidden symbolism and obscure facts that might cause you to do a double take next time you see them waving in the wind.

Some have, in their designs, gone beyond basic colors and patterns and thought more globally. Here's a look at five nations that have designed their banners to be artistically unique and, as a result, full of life and tradition.

(thanks Danny)

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Bia said...


I just read the flags article and I´m from Brasil. It is true what they say about the stars, but another interesting fact is the color choice. The green represents the forests we have, the yellow the gold miners used to extract (not so much anymore), and the blue the rivers and ocean.