Friday, 7 December 2012

View From My Balcony

Winter has arrived here in the Netherlands.

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sapphirescarlet said...

What a lovely view! The building across the way is intriguing. And all the cars are small - we're moving that direction here in the US but Europe will always be ahead of us in that regard.

Manny said...

|Winter is here too (Romania). I guess you have a colder weather in Netherlands. Have fun with the snow!

Miss Rare said...

Nice view Gerard, more snow than was predicted here.

(But the truth hurts: )

Translation: Snow in The Netherlands: Trains cancelled, busses don't drive anymore, avoid taking the car.
Snow in Norway: No problem, within 10 mins you all can drive again.

Ima said...

It's nice and sunny here in San Francisco...don't know whether to be grateful or wistful!