Friday, 7 December 2012

Australian Prime Minister Warns About Doomsday Apocalypse

The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has recorded a video address to the nation warning the world is about to come to an apocalyptic end, as predicted in the Mayan calendar. In the clip Ms Gillard addresses her 'remaining fellow Australians' warning of zombies, hell beasts and a K-pop armageddon.

Of course this is a joke. The message was recorded to promote Tom and Alex's 'End of the World' radio show, which is set to air today. The radio pair would not reveal how they coaxed the prime minister into making the video.

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Anonymous said...

What? Was December 7th the day ALL Austrailian radio hosts prove to the world how juvenile and rude they are? We can only HOPE that the 12/21/12 Apocalypse starts on their island . . .