Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Miraculous Termite Mounds

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Termite mounds. They may look like just a big pile of well-structured dirt but they are actually marvels of architecture and fill an unexpectedly important function in the ecosystems in which they appear. In fact, the areas around termite mounds can be some of the most biologically diverse in an entire habitat.

From the functions they serve for termites to the functions they serve for other animal and plant life, termite mounds are mind-blowing.

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Luis Alberto Simauchi Jr. said...

No doubt that these massive termite mounds are architectural wonders produced by the smallest of of nature's creatures but I'm curious as to what ecological purpose would a termite mound serve? Does it provide shelter for the termites in terrains where it is hard to burrow underneath? Or Does it provide a means of termite predators to easily identify where to feast?