Monday, 26 March 2012

Honda's Wonderful Open-Hearted Wagon Concept

Honda believes you and your four-legged friend should be able to travel together in comfort, and supports dogs and their drivers with a range of fun events. The W.O.W. Concept is all about helping you keep your pup at your side and have more fun together.

The special features start with seats that can be transformed into a crate where you can safely leave a dog, and flexible vents that introduce streams of fresh air into the cabin. It'll make dog's life on the road more comfortable.

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else think letting your dog run free in the car while you're driving is as dangerous as using a cell phone/texting while driving?

I see people all the time driving down the road with their dog on the driver's lap, dog trying to get it's face out the window, licking the driver, hopping over to the next seat and back, driver trying to push the dog back out of the way so they can see the road, etc.


Anonymous said...

Letting the dog be free in the car depends on the dog. I traveled with a dog that was an excellent traveling companion. She didn't need any restraint. Now, I don't know what would have happened if I had wrecked the car. I am not sure if the dog should be in a seat belt or safety belt for it's own safety in case of accident.

I agree with you however, about the danger of letting a dog sit in your lap when driving. That's ridiculous.

Hundewanderer said...

Interesting, do they make those in German Shepherd size?

My GSD travels everywhere with me, including in the truck and in the helicopter.

In the truck she rides in her kennel in the back seat (which is so large it takes up half the seat and is wedged in by the back of the passenger seat). It minimizes the amount of dog hair that's in my truck, and she can see out the windows.

She rides loose in the helicopter, I figure if we go down, we're likely all going to die anyway.

Ima said...

[insert obligatory Mitt Romney joke here]

Anonymous said...

99.9999999999% of the people on Earth have no business behind the wheel, anyway. They're non-driving idiots.

Afina Elma said...

this is really awesome specially for pets