Monday, 5 December 2011

Toyota Fun Vii - The Car Of The Future

The Toyota Fun Vii is a spectacular design concept unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show this week. The 'Vii' stands for Vehicle, Interactive, Internet. It's a car, a gaming machine and a smartphone all in one.

Almost every part of the car can interact with the internet. Almost every surface of the car is a touchscreen that can be adjusted by the driver, including color changes. Oh, and the car can drive itself.

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Dave said...

So much for a quiet Sunday drive in the country.

Gareth said...

I've never liked concept cars, simply because they are almost always impractical and tend to be short on actual function. The designers tend to come up with ideas that are only ideas. The very striking vehicle built for the show can't actuallt carry out any of the functions the designers came up with. Often the damned things don't even run.

But a CGI concept car? That's even worse.

Anonymous said...

stupid video.

Toyota Boston said...

Seems far fetched but fact is that some cars already offer net connectivity and wifi. I don't think future cars will be as advanced as show in the vid but I think we'll see more touchscreen features for sure.

jimmy disoza said...

When I first saw the new Corolla toyota , I did think it looked like a Honda car:
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