Thursday, 17 November 2011

Beer For Dogs

Everybody knows you shouldn't give your dog a sip of your beer, but pooches no longer have to miss out - because a new brew made specifically for dogs has gone on sale. Bowser Beer really is a beer made for dogs. But unlike your Stella Artois it won't get them drunk and it's designed with their digestive system in mind.

While the beer contains the same malt barley brewers use, the vitamins are good for shiny coats, and the hops are replaced with beef or chicken. As for the taste, it's described as being a 'beefy-malty broth' which most dogs lap it up either straight out of the bottle or over ice or their food.

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soubriquet said...

My dog used to like beer, but he was choosy. Real ale was his choice, but he'd turn away from big-brewery mass-produced beer.
His pal once snuck behind the bar in a pub and was caught gulping from a slop-bucket of very strong ale. Luckily he was stopped before he drank too much. As it was, he was a very sad dog that night and the following morning.