Friday, 8 July 2011

Incredible Steampunk Animal Trophy Heads

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Robo-animals made from gadgets and other objects. Their metallic gaze reminds us that they're no hunter's trophies but creatures fully in control - and very much alive in a mechanical sense - resurrected as they are from the detritus of discarded household scrap.

They are the creation of Nemo Gould; they're made of everyday items, repurposed and assembled to create all kinds of monstrous weirdness - laced with a heady dose of steampunk.

(thanks Ritu)

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Anonymous said...

I thought the idea of steampunk was what would have happened if technology had got no further than steam, so we live in a modern world where everything is a development of victorian steam power. Yes? So how can an electric guitar body be steam punk.

Has steam punk jumped the shark?