Monday, 1 November 2010

Hgiyiyi (Hgjhjh, Hjhk), the online retailer, does sell some strange items. For example, here's a paperback called 'Hgiyiyi (hgjhjh, hjhk)' by author jjjj. It's probably just a test page but what makes it hilarious is the reviews that customers give. Like this one:

I enjoyed Hgiyiyi, but the pacing is a bit slow. It doesn't compare to Jjjj's earlier works, like 'Kquxiuqx,' or 'Oooeiaiai,' or even 'Nyah-Nyah Ptang.,' I think her recent successes have dulled her edge, and her craft has suffered for it.

I have high hopes for the book she is working on now though, due out next year: 'Veviouy knknk Plepooluyioupenninen,' in which a gouyyotudh salesman meets a crororyuntiouyykkk and his life changes forever.

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Ima said...

Hahaha! Reminds me of the classic wolf shirt reviews.