Tuesday, 7 September 2010

World Record For 'Fastest Piece Of Furniture'

Perry Watkins, an inventor from Buckinghamshire, England, has set a world record for the fastest piece of furniture after driving his dining table down a racetrack at more than 113mph.

The 47-year-old piloted the Queen Anne table, set for a silver service dinner, twice down a track at Santa Pod, Nottinghamshire, last weekend. The table, named 'Fast Food,' reached a top speed of 130mph and averaged 113.8mph, comfortably eclipsing the 92mph set by a sofa in 2007.

(thanks Cora)

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best furniture Chicago said...

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Tony Destroni said...

wow this is amazing i wonder how can you eat at this dinning table hahah . an additional to this why we can put an airplane design with a wind spinner on the front looking like a propeller isnt it great !