Friday, 14 May 2010

The Curious Phenomenon Of Magnetic Roadways

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Motorists driving along Croy Brae in Strathclyde, Scotland, sooner or later usually slow down - or stop completely - in utter confusion. For Croy Brae is one of the most disorienting places on earth. Approaching the hill from the north is an uncanny experience.

The road appears to slope downward, and drivers assume that the slope will accelerate the vehicle. Yet if they slow down, they are likely to grind to a complete halt. Despite every appearance to the contrary, the road runs uphill, not downhill. Unable to believe what has happened, many motorists stop-only to find that their cars begin to slide backward.

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Brian Kern said...

I don't see the mystery here. There are quite a few geographical oddities all over the world. I seem to recall a Presurfer article on one in South America from a few years ago. In any event, it's been explained quite a few times that these formations are actually optical illusions that causes the mind to believe they are on facing an incline, when actually they are facing a decline. The moral of the story? Keep a plum line in your boot.

Pam Walter said...

This would be very disconcerting, regardless of the reason!

Anonymous said...

if its magnetic how come it doesnt have any effect on a compass needle