Sunday, 7 March 2010

National Toy Hall Of Fame

Did you know that in the US there's a National Toy Hall of Fame? To date, 44 toys have made it there. Some inductees are well-known like the Barbie doll, the frisbee, the Monopoly game, and the teddy bear.

But there are also toys that I have never heard of (there's only me who can be blamed for that) like Lincoln logs, radio flyer, and a cardboard box.

Click on each of the inductees to discover the stories behind the Classic Toys of the National Toy Hall of Fame.

(via DeepFUN Weblog)

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Donna at Donna's Family History said...

I got Lincoln Logs as a birthday gift and left them spread out in the living room. My mother tripped on one, so she boxed them up and put them on a high shelf in the garage. They stayed there, until we moved years later, as a warning to pick up our toys. I got the message but never found out whether Lincoln Logs were a fun toy.

Paige said...

I just visited the National Toy Hall of Fame last weekend. Beautiful museum, well worth your time to visit!