Monday, 27 July 2009

Foot Undeez

Underwear for your foot?
Yes, underwear for your foot!
I have no idea!

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mouserz said...

squirrel underwear
hand underwear
foot underwear
How about ear underwear next? FFFFF

Anonymous said...

These are for dancers, so that they don't rip open the balls of their feet while pirouetting, quickly changing direction or landing a leap.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i wear them all the time.
i dont exactly like them very much. they allow me to rip open the side of my toes if i fall out of a turn and catch myself or drag my feet on the wood

Anonymous said...

They are for dancing. Example, lyrical jazz is barefoot and it's very difficult to turn. These help so you don't stick to the floor

Anonymous said...

These are for dance. They do help with turns and leaps. They are hard to use though because they are very slippery but a way to make them less slippery is by spitting on the bottom and kicking it on the ground to make friction between the undeez and the floor

Anonymous said...

yeah! i like foot undeez thier cool ive been using them for 6 years of dancing and cheering there sooo cute lol mine r pink with dots