Thursday, 20 November 2008

Ten Unusual Food Combinations

Would you add sugar to your vegetables? Or add a touch of salt to your coffee? How about strawberries with pepper, and chili with chocolate?

While some people know about these little tricks, the majority do not. These are small tips to help you improve the foods we commonly eat - most are recommended by top chefs and others by very experienced home cooks.

(via Grow-A-Brain)

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Namowal said...

The freakiest food combo I've heard of is drinking coffee with a chunk of cheddar cheese floating on top. Aficionados slurp up the melted remains after drinking the coffee.
I have no problem with cream or salt in my coffee, but the cheese concept gives me the shivers.

lithoman said...

Peaches and onions! Toss a can of peaches and a packet of onion soup mix in the blender to make an incredible glaze for chicken.

Anonymous said...

I like Franco American spaghetti with scrambled eggs.

Anonymous said...

bleu cheese and chocolate.....sounds wierd, but they share very similar chemicals and molecules and such.