Friday, 21 November 2008

Four Philosophical Questions To Make Your Brain Hurt

Philosophy involves standing back and thinking - intensely and rigorously - about aspects of our lives that are at once ordinary and fundamental. And when the surface is scratched, what you find below is extraordinary - or, rather, extraordinarily difficult to make good, clear sense of.

Here are some pesky arguments to apply your minds to.

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Brian Kern said...

These were interesting, but I was hoping for something a little deeper than morality questiosn(at least the first few). The last one, about Fred and knowing EVERYTHING was the only one that was deep, and frankly the author, David Bain would benefit from some science classes. The Heisenberg Principal pretty much knocks Fred out of the universe.

Chad Cloman said...

I'm not sure he's right about the last one. At the quantum level there is true randomness, and there is also the inability to know both the exact location and exact velocity/direction of particles. So his initial premise that Fred could predict the future is incorrect.