Friday, 25 July 2008

Astronaut Ed Mitchell: Aliens Exist, But NASA Covers Them Up

Former Apollo 14 moonwalker Edgar Mitchell claimed, in a recent radio interview, that not only have aliens been visiting the Earth for the past sixty years since the Roswell incident, but that Earth governments are aware of this fact and are covering it up.

Mitchell claims that sources at NASA, the military, and the intelligence community have described these aliens as, 'little people who look strange to us.' The aliens have a small body frame, a large head, and large eyes as has been traditionally depicted in popular films and television.

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Anonymous said...

Its Time. Let the truth be known and Unite Mankind. Its time for the Governments to share our universe, and, give us the people of Earths family the opportunity to dream, explore and live in the finitely infinite. Awaken Humankind from our Kindergarten sleep, shed our security blanket, and embrace the Universal family. Its Time.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty ludicrous. Edgar Mitchell was an astronaut in 1966, in 2008 he gave this radio interview. In all the time in-between, he became a total crackpot. Just look at his wikipedia page:

Mitchell's interests include consciousness and paranormal phenomena. During the Apollo 14 flight he conducted private ESP experiments with his friends on Earth.[3] In early 1973, he founded the nonprofit Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to conduct and sponsor research into areas that mainstream science has found unproductive, including consciousness research and psychic events.

'Mitchell says that a teenage remote healer who lives in Vancouver and uses the pseudonym Adam Dreamhealer, helped him heal of kidney cancer at a distance. Mitchell said that while he never had a biopsy (the definitive test for cancer), "I had a sonogram and MRI that was consistent with renal carcinoma." Adam worked (distantly) on Mitchell from December of 2003 until June of 2004, when the "irregularity was gone and we haven't seen it since".'

Geriatric sanity is not a requirement for being an astronaut. And please, allow me assure you (as the husband of an astrophysicist whose parents were prominent NASA scientists) that all of NASA guffaws whenever anyone brings up this "alien conspiracy." The possibility of life coming into contact with ours, at any time under any circumstances, is statistically nil, and everyone who falls for it hook-line-and-sinker is the butt of a very long-running joke.

Stargate65 said...

Typical response from (Post 26, 2008) a staff or anyone associated (Husband of a Astrophysicist whose parents were prominent NASA scientists) with NASA. Always trying to discredit reputable, and creditable witnesses as some kind of cuckoo! Yours and the institution's continued efforts in debunking of the truth is becoming so predictable and thin. The world is WAKING UP at a rate so fast (Thanks to the Internet and the brave people from ex-NASA scientists, Astronauts, and the truth seekers) that the "Institutions" are very worried! So be it! The truth is not out there, IT'S HERE AND NOW!

Anonymous said...

October 10th, 2009.
Remember that date.

Spirit said...

I worked with Ed Mitchell, Ingo Swann and some other folks in the 1970's, using PSI to try to determine locations with mineral deposits.

A Swiss 'psychic' with a supposedly good track record gave us general areas, but we used others to try and narrow it down. All we found were trace elements, no big oil field nor gold 'mother lode.'

Dr. Swann had his doubts throughout, thinking the Swiss psychic was a phoney. Looks like he was right.

Ed was a clear-headed, intelligent person with some experiences under his belt that caused a belief in PSI phenomenon, much like myself.

SOMEONE has to go out on a limb to see what is possible and what is real or not. KUDOS to Ed Mitchell for his bravery, not only in Apollo, but in psychic exploration.

Most so-called scientists are too cowardly to risk their reputations as Ed did. He is a pioneer.