Monday, 7 April 2008

Gaffe A Minute

A gaffe is a clumsy social error, a faux pas, a blatant mistake or misjudgment. Gaffe a Minute relishes the wit in witlessness - in our daily glitches, malapropisms, and pratfalls. Here you can revel in the blunders of others, confess your own flubs, or measure your gaffe quotient.

Gaffe a Minute celebrates stories that give new meaning to the term 'idiot proof.' The website's founders fall into two categories: error-prone and (mostly) error-proof. One sleeps, the other doesn't. One is directionally impaired, the other homes in correctly. One has much more fun on a daily basis. One laughs at herself; the other also laughs at her.

We now live in a state known for its political gaffes. But the gaffes we revel in most are our own - and those of our friends. We hope you'll 'fess up and tell stories on yourself, too.

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