Monday, 10 December 2007

I'll Do Anything For A Million Dollars

Eric wants a million dollars. So he's asking you to put up the cash. He'll do anything for it. Anything! Except causing permanent disfigurement to himself or others, he'll abide by the laws of the country the acts are held, and he will not cause harm to any other living creature or human.

Why does he want to do this? Well, he could buy a house, pay off his debt, buy a round at the bar, invest it, help the people who have helped him... whatever!
Doesn't matter, he just wants a million dollars.

(via Grow-A-Brain)

5 comment(s):

Ted said...

How about he get a job and work for a few years and save his money, invest wisely, etc.?

Oh, he wants it TODAY. Well, so do I. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

has he seen 2girls1cup? some people think of things far beyond that which a sane person can even imagine. good luck, idiot.

flower said...

you're so cute!!! i haven't a million but i have love!!!

babyboy said...

Would you bend over and take it in the ass for a million??

Anonymous said...

i will do anything also for a million dollars but we all know thats wishful thinking but anywho good luck to you bud