Saturday, 19 May 2007

Professor Shoelace

Professor Shoelace.
Knuts about knots sneakerology dreamworks.

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Pi Guy said...

Professor Shoelace is nothing compared to Ian's Shoelace Site.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right, Scott.
But Professor Shoelace certainly comes in second.

Anonymous said...

This whole article has been plagiarised from the SneakerFreaker magazine:
It was written by the creator of Ian's Shoelace Site and illustrated by SneakerFreaker.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this article has appeared in SneakerFreaker Magazine. It was written by the creator of Ian's Shoelace Site, Ian Fieggen, who is the same person as Professor Shoelace.

And indeed, Bore Me should have told us where they got the article.

Rajat Gaikwad said...

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