Saturday, 7 April 2007

Unusual Google Commands

Did you know that Google accepts a lot of new search words? Want to know what languages are spoken in India ( type 'language India') or how many employees Microsoft has (type 'employees Microsoft)? Here's a list of all the new commands in alphabetical order:

age structure, airports, area,

birth rate,

capital, climate, coastline, constitution, currency,

dependent areas, diplomatic representation from the US,

economy, employees, environment, ethnic groups, executive branch, exports,

flag description, founded,

genre, geography, government,

head of state, headquarters, heliport,

illicit drugs, imports, independence, industries, inflation rate, internet TLD, internet users,

judicial branch,

key people,

label, labor force, land use, language, legal system, legislative branch, literacy,

map reference, maritime claims, military branches, music,

national hazards, national holiday, nationality, natural resources,

population, political parties, president, prime minister, products, public debt,

radios, railways, religion, revenue,


televisions, time zone, terrain, trading partners,

unemployment rate.

(thanks Jan)

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