Saturday, 14 April 2007

Popcorn Recipes

Before about 1912, less than 19,000 acres of farmland were dedicated to growing popcorn, but the electric popcorn machine and the microwave increased the demand for 'prairie gold.' Today, annual consumption of popcorn in America exceeds 1 billion lb. Of the volume grown in the United States, 10% is used for seed and sold outside the United States; 30% is sold at ball games, movies, fairs, and circuses; and 60% is consumed in the home.

We all know that popcorn is delicious by itself or with a little butter - but pesto sauce? Popcorn is an amazingly versatile grain that lends itself equally to caramel or Cajun spices. With a little imagination and some common household ingredients, you can make tasty and original snacks in no time at all.
Popcorn Recipes.

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