Monday 24 October 2011

What A Formula 1 Driver Really Sees

Join in an installation lap around the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, with Brazilian racing driver Lucas di Grassi. The first time ever an eye-level camera was used to see a real driver point of view.

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Gareth said...

Pretty amazing stuff, and that wasn't even a hot lap. There's no way he was driving 10/10 straight out of the pits. Especially since Lucas is working as a tyre tester this year and I'm sure he wouldn't want to show his sponsor's product sliding around ;). Although he did get a little squirelly at one point.

The other thing is that one succesful F1 driver told me a few years ago that at speed your vision is blurred from the vibration. Presumably this camera had image stabilization.

I'd love to see the same camera used on a hot lap.