Monday 24 October 2011

The Physics Book

I've been reading Cliff Pickover's 'The Physics Book' lately with much interest. Besides being a science writer he's also the author of Reality Carnival, one of my favorite blogs.

Physics is a branch of science traditionally defined as the study of matter, energy, and the relation between them. That may sound boring, but it's not boring at all when Pickover writes about it. He has the talent to explain everything, from the Big Bang to Quantum Resurection, in a fascinating and gripping writing style that even a layman can understand.

The book covers subjects like Is time travel possible?, Could we really be living in The Matrix?, Is a curveball pitched in baseball really curved, or simply some kind of optical illusion?, Foucault's pendulum, What's St. Elmo's fire?, How does radiocarbon dating work?, The Piezoelectrix effect, Why do golf balls have dimples?, etc.

More information about 'The Physics Book.'

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