Tuesday 17 August 2010

Cult Of Less

Meet Kelly Sutton, a 22-year-old software engineer with an empty apartment in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighbourhood.

Is it possible to own nothing? Well, maybe not nothing. Nothing is a little extreme. But is it possible to own close to the nothing? I hope to have the answer to that question soon. I’ve decided to try to see if I can rid my life of most of the clutter. The goal? Condense my life into 2 bags and 2 boxes.

How will I do this? It seems simple to just say: get rid of everything. To realize how much junk I own, I have put myself through the misery of documenting every single possession of mind, no matter how insignificant. This gives me a solid metric to measure my progress against. The 2 bags and 2 boxes principle will hopefully allow me to live anywhere and move instantly.

The Cult of Less.

(via Boing Boing)

3 comment(s):

Nicole Haase said...

Unbelievable to live withour a constant adress ...
or without my hardcover-books, or my beloved old consoles and computers: http://bit.ly/bpmKVZ

Wizard said...

I tried this experiment years ago by getting rid of half my stuff, actually my ex took it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Williamsburg: Please go away.