Saturday 12 January 2008


Day4Death is one of those sites that predicts the exact day you wil die. Just fill in some personal data and they'll tell you when, where, and how. Of course, it's all nonsense but you still play along, don't you? So do I.

Day4Death tells me I will die on January 7, 2044. I will die in a nursing home and the cause of my death will be a heart attack. Well that's good news, I still have 36 years to live.

2 comment(s):

Dave said...

"Tuesday April 30, 2041, at age of 84". In patient, from heart disease.

Oy...I should be so lucky...

Michael said...

August 19, 2051, at age of 84. In patient, from heart disease. (Weirdly this would be on my 60th wedding anniversary if I was still married...)