Saturday 12 January 2008

Gokochi Cherish

Since my Japanese isn't as good as it used to be I'm not sure what this is really about, but I believe the title on the site says something like 'Good Taste Gift Shop of the United States.'

And what are they selling? A photo of your baby printed on an original rice bag together with the parents favorite message. And the weight of the rice bag will be the same weight as your new-born.

3 comment(s):

Dave said...

Heh...the next to the last kid looks like Cartman.

Miss Cellania said...

From what I've read, its customary in Japan to give a small gift in return when someone gives you a baby gift, so these fill the bill. They also serve as baby announcements. But some recipients have a hard time ever cutting it open to use the rice!

Anonymous said...

From somewhere online recently,I seem to recall that these are surrogate newborn infant replicas that can be sent to a distant relative or such,so that they can hold and cuddle them,in lieu of the actual infant to celebrate your new arrival,though far away.