Friday, 19 February 2016

The Fit Nesting Doll

Lots of people join a gym at the beginning of the year, then quit within a few months. To keep customers coming back, CrossFit chain Brick and agency BBDO New York created a series of custom nesting dolls that illustrate the stages of progress that gymgoers will see if they stick with their fitness plans.

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Jar(egg)head said...

I'll let you in on a little secret the gym owners do not want you to know: January is the worst possible time to try to change your diet and speed up your metabolism, (i.e., 'get in shape'). Millions of years of evolution have conditioned us to consume as many calories as possible and remain sedentary during the winter. Before civilization and agriculture, it was central to our survival when food became scarce after the winter festivals. It is, quite literally, written into your genes to get fat for the winter, just as it is with any other animal. The fact that we have access to far greater quantities of high calorie food than the cavemen did makes us pack on the pounds during the winter.

If you want to start a workout program that will change your metabolism and that you'll stick with, start it in the early summer. That's when your appetite will diminish, you'll start to crave lighter, water-filled foods like fruit and leafy vegetables while your cravings for heavy and fatty foods will diminish. Your natural metabolic cycle will go into overdrive as the weather heats up. You're about ten times more likely to stick with an exercise plan and lifestyle change made in June than you are one made in January.

Put more simply, New Year's Resolutions to lose weight are a losing proposition, because all of nature's cards are stacked against you. But the people who own gyms encourage that behavior, because you sign up for a year and use the facilities for a few weeks at the most. It's free money for them.