Thursday, 19 March 2015

First Real Flying Car Will Go On Sale In 2017

image credit: Achim Hepp

A two-seater flying car which drives on normal roads, using petrol, but can take wing from any open grassy area is to go on sale in 2017. The Slovakian AeroMobil is already in near-final prototype stage - and unlike other rivals, meets the criteria both for planes and for road vehicles in Europe - although there are still some hurdles regarding where the plane is allowed to fly and take off.

On the ground, the AeroMobil can hit 100 mph and it flies at up to 124mph on twin propellers. It can land on just 150 feet of grass, and fly for up to 430 miles.

2 comment(s):

Unknown said...

People can't even drive on the ground so to have people driving in the sky is just a terrible idea right now. The ONLY way I can see this working is to have the car fully 100% computer controlled. Other then that people will find a way to screw it up just like how they do on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Please stop with all of the flying car BS... I strongly agree with most of what Emilee says but disagree that it would be OK if it was computer controlled. Who wants to look up into a freeway of sky traffic? Plus, a pile which will eventually happen, computer controlled or not will cause all kinds of damage on the ground. Flying cars will NEVER be a good idea...