Wednesday 16 July 2014

Virginia Man Claims African Country To Make Daughter A Princess

Bir Tawil is an area along the border between Egypt and Sudan, which is claimed by neither country. It is now claimed by Jeremiah Heaton of Abingdon, Virginia, USA. Last winter, Heaton's six-year-old daughter Emily asked him if she could be a princess. He said yes, and has worked since then to make it so.

To that end, Heaton has claimed the 800-square-mile territory of Bir Tawil as his own, renaming it the Kingdom of North Sudan. He planted a homemade flag there on June 16, Emily's seventh birthday. That makes him the king, and Emily a princess.

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soubriquet said...

I have just claimed the United States of America. I have a flag.
Nobody need panic, everything will go on much as before, the government may stay in place, the president will continue to preside, but I? am now the King. Okay