Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The 100 Meter Scroll

Turn your scrolling into an Olympic sport. Race against the clock in this 100 meter (328 feet) scrolling game. But beware, it's not easy. You're probably going to give up way before you reach the finish. Oh, and using auto scroll won't work. You have to do it all by yourself.

I gave up after 17 meters (55.7 feet) because I got tired. And to be honest, a little bored.

2 comment(s):

WilliamRocket said...

It seems the internet posters of the USA are finally realising that the rest of the world thinks in metric.
If only they would learn to spell the word metre correctly. Meter is a verb, metre is a noun.
They insist on pronouncing herb as erb, but not hospital as ospital, but I will forgive them that if they spell things MY WAY !
Remind you of anyone ? ...a country perhaps ? ...hmm ?

Gareth said...

How do they know it's 100 metres unless they know the size and resolution of your monitor and the size of the window? They don't? Well who'd a thunk it.