Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously.

'Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously.' is a commercial by Panera Bread, a chain of bakery–cafĂ© quick casual restaurants in the United States and Canada. With the single goal of making great bread broadly available to consumers, Panera Bread freshly bakes more bread each day than any bakery-cafe concept in the country.

Every day, at every location, trained bakers craft and bake each loaf from scratch, using the best ingredients to ensure the highest quality breads.

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(thanks Cora)

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Betsy said...

one of the worst things you can eat in the united states is the bread, compared to the Dutch bread... So This is a nessesary fill of a gap..

Jenny said...

I like the bit about how they donate the leftovers. Too much goes to waste around here as many donut shops/cafes will simply trash day-old product rather than sell it at a discount.

andiscandis said...

Panera *bakes* the bread each day at every location, but the dough is trucked in from central facilities, where they use the "best ingredients" like thiamine mononitrate.

"Greenwashing" is the term for advertising a regular product as an eco-friendly one. I don't know if there's a food/health version of the term, but that's what Panera's advertising is. Let's call it "freshwashing."