Monday, 28 January 2013

The Wolffish

The ferocious-looking wolffish gets its name from the sharp, protruding teeth.

image credit: eirikm cc

The wolffish are a family, Anarhichadidae, of perciform fish. They are native to cold waters of the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, where they live on the continental shelf and slope, to depths of about 600 m (2,000 ft). They are bottom-feeders, eating hard-shelled invertebrates such as clams, echinoderms and crustaceans, which they crush with strong canine and molar teeth. The longest species, Anarrhichthys ocellatus, grows to more than 2 m (6.6 ft) in length.

image credit: Kamil PorembiƄski cc

There are four species in the Anarhichas family: the Northern wolffish, the Atlantic wolffish or sea wolf, the Spotted wolffish, and the Bering wolffish.

image credit: Gaellery cc

The wolffish has a ferocious look. It can live for more than twenty years and when you meet one while diving it's very normal to get a little bit nervous.

image credit: j@ys0n cc

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and they taste verrrrrrryyyyyy GOOD!

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They look so unique! You should post more photos here later. Bye!

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