Thursday 7 June 2012

10 Most Outrageous Pranks Played On Google

When it comes to pranks - as when it comes to pretty much everything else in the virtual world and beyond - Google are in a league of their own. Their April Fools' Day japes and jokes are deservedly recognized for their humor and intelligence, for one. They've been playing them since the start of our young century, and this year's offerings didn't disappoint.

A list of pranks that includes Google Maps 're-launched' with retro Nintendo 8-bit graphics, a 'click-to-teleport' extension on Google Chrome, and the Really Advanced Search showed that the Internet monolith hasn't lost any of its nous in the viral marketing department.

(thanks Karl)

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Bernard Weiss said...

Not particularly funny, but a nice coincidence: try Russell Square, London on Google Maps.