Tuesday 10 April 2012

Demographics Of The Titanic Passengers: Deaths, Survivals, And Lifeboat Occupancy

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The demographics of the passengers and crew of the Titanic. Who perished, who survived, and who occupied which lifeboats. How gravely was the tragedy enhanced by class distinction and prejudice? The numbers make it all too clear that a rule of 'First Class First' far outweighed any guiding principle of 'Women and Children First.'

(thanks Stanley)

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Anonymous said...

more 3rd class women survived than 1st class men.

seems like sex mattered more than class to me

Hampers said...

I was always under the impression that more 3rd class woman survived than 1st class men. Also there were many 1st class men that were not bothered by their class and who bravely helped woman and children from 3rd class onto lifeboats knowing that they them selves would die. John Jacob Astor the wealthiest man on the ship led his pregnant wife to a life boat before helping others including 3rd class women and children.

Anonymous said...

Your comment does not match the statistics. First class men were less likely to survive that women in any class.