Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Speed Bump

Is this a little too much? I don't know where this is but it's a set of speed bumps intended to stop excessive traffic through a neighborhood. Local residents say it is a hazard and have petitioned to have it removed.

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Dave said...

Most people are idiots. They whine when cars race through their neighborhoods, then whine some more when *anything* is done about it. In a past life, I'd sit in neighborhood that had such problems; and when the RESIDENTS got ticketed for speeding, they threw a fit. They want the law to apply to others, not themselves.

Anonymous said...

Probably shouldn't exceed three segments, being, by appearance, to be slightly shorter than the front to rear length of most vehicle chassis. I can see how with both wheels off of the stable, flat, surface it cold cause control problems, especially in icy conditions.

Anonymous said...

It's in Florida.

Also, @ Dave,
Just because "something" was done about it, does not make it a good solution.

slab99 said...

In my car, speeding up is actually a better way to get over speed bumps. Slowing down just makes the suspension bottom out. Disrupting the straight line is a much better way to get people to slow down. In revitalized downtown areas, they often put parking on alternate sides of the street so you have to zigzag.

soubriquet said...

Yes indeed, Slab 99, I'd recommend hitting this at about thirty, in my land-rover, it would be noisy, but the body would 'float' level, whilst the suspension soaked up the bumps.

Which would be the opposite of the builders' intention.

It's a stupid piece of work, let's hope no local residents have spinal injuries, or have to be carried over it in an ambulance.

BoholstWife said...

its true..faster and less bumps....speed bumps do not help.