Tuesday 15 November 2011

Chrysler UK Advert Featuring Eminem

This Chrysler advert celebrates the car industry and its people and the pride in the things they make. It features a story of resilience not dissimilar to many around the UK and Europe. The advert is concluded with a date for the launch of the new Chrysler 300c and Chrysler's 'Imported from Detroit' line which has become a confident movement statement.

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(thanks Will)

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Anonymous said...

Chrysler = POS

Anonymous said...

Let's see... Chrysler is owned by an Italian company (Fiat) and makes many, if not most, of their vehicles in another country (Canada). So they're imported from Detroit how, exactly?

kdub_nyc said...

Why does he always look like he's about to cry?

Gareth said...

Would that be like the old model then? Based on an out of date Mercedes. If that's the case surely Chrysler are no different than all those pacific rim companies building what amount to five year old Mazdas, Hondas, Opels, etc.

CyberSlug Labs said...

FYI - Chrysler has been building up a campaign using Eminem's "Lose Yourself" (as performed by the Selected Of God choir) for a while now: